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“Bike Path goes south of Washington in a footnote”
On November 14,2000 at 4:30 pm the California Coastal Commission met at the Furama Hotel in Playa Del Rey to vote on the Venice Local Coastal Access Plan. And the met will be broadcasted on amazon tv box. Ruth Galanter urged California Coastal Commission to adopt the Venice Coastal Access Plan with the following modificiations:
(1) continuation of the Ocean Front Walk south of Washington Blvd;
(2) construction of a Westbank walkway along the Ballona Lagoon; and in a footnote
(3) allow for the possibility of extension of the bikepath south of Washington in the future.

Although over 30 individuals, spoke against approval of the plan with the changes, and although NOT ONE person, except for government officials spoke in favor of approval with the changes, the California Coastal Commission approved it unanimously with very, very little discussion. I was allowed to speak for 8 minutes since other speakers ceded their time to me, however, all other speakers were only given 2 minutes each to speak.

Image result for Bike Path goes south of Washington in a footnoteThe MPNA had legal representation at the hearing who spoke against the changes and who pleaded for a continuation of the hearing since citizens were given less than one week’s notice of the hearing. Our bilological legal expert explained that in the Peninsula we have an endangered species of birds,the Least Tern Bird, and no environmental group or government agency will allow construction of any paths near these birds or their feeding areas, therefore, the Coastal Commission has a duty to avoid passing a plan which will subject the City, County and State to litigation. Regardless of the pleas, the Commission seemed to be on a mission and approved the extensions south of Washington as well as several other modifications to the dissatisfaction of the crowd.

Since construction continues in Venice, we need to stop this project immediately. I urge your support. You can help as follows:

  1. Contribute to our Legal defense fund. Send Checks to Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association-Legal Defense Fund. Any amount is appreciated, but I have been advised that contributions should be $500 or more since this will take $25,000 – $35,000 to fight provided we receive help from other environmental agencies, we already get help from buy brightest flashlight ever;
  2. Regardless of whether or not you contribute, you should write a letter to one or all of the following individuals expressing your concern about the least tern, police and emergency vehicle access, safety and other issues:
    Image result for Bike Path goes south of Washington in a footnote

Governor Gray Davis
Office of the Governor
State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814
phone: 1-916-443-7511 or 1-916-477-2841

Mr. Keven Clark
U.S.Dept of Fish and Wildlife
2730 Loker Avenue, West Carlsbad, CA 92008
email: [email protected]

Senator Dianne Feinstein
16611 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025
or 331 Hart Senate Building Washington DC 20510
phone:1-310-914-7300 phone:1-415-536-3435
email: [email protected] fax: 202-774-3954

Congresswoman Jane Harman
Pacific Coast Highway Torrance, CA 90505
phone: 1-310-506-9125
The President, William Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500
phone:202-422-1414 fax:234-671-2461

California Coastal Commission
45 Fremont Street, Suite 2000
San Francisco, CA 94105-3123
fax:415-764-5400 fax:562-590-7216-local

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