Our Purpose

Our Purpose

My name is Plinio Garcia. I am president of the Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association. Thank you for visiting our website! In addition, please support our another website of best internet tv box

The purpose of the Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association, or the MPNA, is to preserve the unique quality of life that we have in the Marina Del Rey Peninsula while allowing, tourism, ecotourism, development and growth within the area. Let me explain.

The MPNA is a non-profit organization. The MPNA was created for various reasons. First, to assure the beauty and ecological balance within the Marina Peninsula. As you may or may not know, the Marina Peninsula is separated from the mainland by the Ballona Lagoon (or what others call the Venice Grand Canal). This body of water is a true lagoon and wetlands and should be preserved. In fact, this lagoon attracts a lot of eco-tourism into the area and attracts a lot of residents who wish to live next or adjacent to the lagoon. In this area there is also a Least Tern Bird Preserve which is world known for its success in preserving that almost extinct and federally protected species. These birds fly into the lagoon to find food for their young and then fly back to their fenced-off federally protected nesting area on the beach in the Marina Peninsula. The nesting area is located south of Union Jack Street and north of Yawl Street.

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Second, the MPNA was created to help protect the least tern bird nesting area.

Third, the MPNA was created to encourage friendship among neighbors and to create a true Marina Peninsula sense of community. The MPNA includes the various types of individuals, families and businesses of android digital tv box in the area. We are NOT a “homeowners” association. We did not include the word “homeowner” in our name for that reason. We want businesses and renters to participate in our organization. We believe that one of the great qualities of the Marina Peninsula is its diversity: students can rent an apartment next door to a multi million-dollar home and both residents can walk together to dinner to a restaurant in the area. This type of living is not found in many, if any, other places in Southern California.

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Third, the MPNA believes that growth, development and tourism are good. However, the MPNA does not want to see a re-creation of Venice Beach in this area. Venice Beach is young, hip, exciting and eclectic. The Marina Peninsula is a little older, more mature, peaceful and naturally beautiful. Therefore, the organization wants to preserve the two types of communities, which currently coexist without turning either one into an extension of each other.

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Finally, the MPNA closely works with government agencies like the LAPD, County Beaches and Harbor, the LA City Council, the California Coastal Commission and many other groups to ascertain that the area is safe, clean and that nothing is done without the community’s knowledge and whenever possible, without our community’s approval.

In the past the organization has opposed certain government projects like placing more parking lots on beaches and building a ROAD ON THE BEACH. We have also worked with “clean-up” days and established clean up programs with local schools to clean our beaches in exchange for donations. On a regular basis we keep our membership informed of what is going on in the area, in the city, in the county and in the state which could affect our membership.

You can help our organization. You can simply become informed by visiting our website or you could become a paid member. Membership is only $25.00 annually. This cost does not cover all the mailing costs, but it helps. We also have a “legal fund” which we keep in reserve in case we need to hire legal experts to protect the area. All contributions are tax-deductible.

If you wish to become a member, e mail us or call us and we will send you an application via mail or via email. Our phone number is 310-850-4419 and my email address is [email protected]

If you wish to become a corporate or business member, the amount of $100.00. In exchange for your business or corporate membership we will list you in our mailings as a co-sponsor. We will also contact you to see if you wish to do more with your membership and get more exposure in exchange for your membership.

You could also become a corporate or business member as explained in above, but be the official sponsor of a complete mailing. You would get full recognition and you could also include a brochure or a leaflet explaining your company or if it is a restaurant, you could include a menu. The costs of a mailing vary between $210 – $500 depending what goes in the mailing and so long as what goes in the mailing is light literature and no bulky or heavy documents or samples. Please contact us at 310-446-7709 or 310-432-8815.

If $100 is too much, become a regular member, and simply help out any way you can: You can link us to other websites, you can post valid information on our website, you can help stuff envelopes or attend government agency meetings. Just get involved!

In any case, I want to thank you for taking time out to read these words. I hope that we can help each other. Our members live in your area or probably patronize your business. By working together we can determine the future of our unique and beautiful community.


Plinio J. Garcia
Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association