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Join the Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association(MPNA) Today! If you wish to be informed about events which affect the Marina Peninsula, and you wish to participate in an organization which DOES make a difference and gets things done for the citizens of the Marina Peninsula, please fill out the form below and mail it Today. Together we can continue making the Peninsula the best place to live in L.A.

Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association (MPNA), Inc.
A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
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In order to join the MPNA, and remain on the mailing list, you must pay a membership fee of $25.00 each year. Please make out your check to : MPNA or Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association. Membership fee is good for one year, and membership renewal shall be due by March 1 of each year and is not proratable. One membership fee and membership entitles you to one vote in the Association. Membership is not transferable to other individuals or organizations, even if those individuals or entities purchase the interest of your property. Membership in the MPNA does not entitle you to membership in any other organization with a similar name. You must be at least 18 years old to join. Membership does not entitle member to misrepresent the organization or to represent the organization in any way without prior consent of the board members. In order to be eligible to join the Marina Peninsula Neighborhood Association you must reside within the following geographical boundraries: South of Washington Boulevard, West of Via Marina, West of Via Dolce, North of the Marina Del Rey Channel/jetty, and East of the Pacific Ocean. Any false statements made on this application shall result in cancellation revocation or announcing on  android smart tv box.