Dark Age Battle


Far from the traditional, mythical view of Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, the possible historical events of the King Arthur legend comes shortly after the Roman Empire withdrew from Britain, leaving a power vacuum that migrating peoples like the Saxons would come and exploit. It is fiercely argued about the origins of Arthur and where the Battle of Camlann was fought. The earliest record is in ‘The Annals of Wales’ in the tenth century, and later Geoffrey of Monmouth of the tale of the ‘Strife of Camlann,’ neither revealing the location of the battle – was it in Wales, or Kernow on the banks of the River Camel, or in the North of (what is now) England? Whatever the truth, the Defender of the Britons remains an endearing legend.

Enacted for your enjoyment, expect a thrilling battle where skill at arms and cunning matters more than armour.

Medieval Battle


You have likely heard the tales of Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere and Galahad from tv box reviews before; from the 19th Century ‘Iydlls of the King’ to ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail,’ Few stories have captured the imagination like the legend of King Arthur. Tales of the magical world of Merlin, and Morgan le Fey, the epic final showdown against Mordred at Camlann, to the grand castle of Camelot.

Experience the Battle of Camlann a Hollywood shows us, knights in shining armour, chivalry, treachery, and personal honour at stake in a hard hitting and brutal confrontation.

Man-At-Arms Tourney


Want to catch the spectacle of one-on-one skill at arms instead of following a huge battle? Then the tourney is just for you!

See men fight for fame, glory and riches as they strive to become the grand champion. Cheer for them, boo them, heckle them, just make some noise and they’ll fight harder and faster just for you!

From the greatest Knights to squires and peasants, all will try their luck as they entertain you.

Food and Drink

A day out wouldn’t be complete without good food, and you’ll not be dissapointed in this regard. Does booze take your fancy? Try the Beer & Mead Tents, or maybe catch a non-liquid lunch from any one of our quality food vendors. Or just fill up on junk food – it’s your choice!